Recorder Players West By-Laws

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To provide regular series of classes of instruction in the recorder and to perform at occasional concerts.

Proposed By-Laws


Membership in the organization will be open to anyone interested in improving his/her recorder ensemble and overall musicianship skills in a safe and nurturing environment. Members must be able to follow the instructions of the teacher, to behave appropriately during class time, and to provide their own music stands and recorders.

The Board/Officers and Their Duties

The Board shall consist of: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, plus one representative from each class.

The President shall be responsible guiding the organization, directing the Board of Directors and for all the duties that usually pertain to this office and can appoint various chairpeople, as needed for various activities of the group.

In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the president. He/she shall also be responsible for establishing the schedules, reserving the venues and providing for the arrangements for all classes, parties or gatherings and concerts.

The Treasurer is responsible for establishing the budget, including recommendations to the Board for the amounts for tuition, fees and teachers’ salaries; the rental of the venue for RPW classes, and other expected expenses, including concerts and parties. He/she will present the proposed budget for the upcoming semester and a regular accounting of funds expended to the general membership at the end of each semester. He/she will collect class fees and pay the conductor/teacher(s) and rental space on a regular monthly basis.

The Secretary shall be responsible for the communications of the group, including, newsletters listing class schedules, new tuitions and treasury reports; membership lists; general announcements; concert programs and correspondence to members including thank you notes to donors. He/she may delegate responsibility for any or all of these communications, printings and mailings and such person(s) will be reimbursed by RPW for any charges incurred. Communications may be distributed to members by their choice of email, snail mail or distribution in classes.

The Class Representatives shall act as liaisons between their classes and the board and report any issues, questions and/or concerns of the class members to the board.

Duties and Activities of the Board

At the end of the Spring series of classes, the newly elected board will create and present plans for the coming Fall series of classes, including budgetary items, class structure, place and times and the proposed teacher(s) for the classes.

Meetings of the Board: To be called as needed, but not less than twice a semester, and open to all members.

Election of Officers

Nominations for new officers will be taken from the floor each year at a joint May meeting of all classes. The membership will vote by ballot or by hand vote if there are no positions with multiple candidates. A simple majority of the members present will suffice for the election.

Should an officer resign or become unable to serve, the President shall appoint, subject to the confirmation of the Board, another RPW member to fill out the unexpired term of office.


The Board shall appoint the conductor(s)/teachers for the following semester before the end of each semester. Both the choice and salary of the conductor/teacher(s) shall be determined by a vote of the board.

Conductor/teacher(s) will be expected to have a formal education and/or background in the teaching of recorder and early music, with the exception of coaches for beginning classes. Conductor/teachers(s) will be responsible for providing the class organization and music for the classes and for conducting the regularly scheduled classes, and for conducting a final concert at the end of each semester. Conductor/teacher(s) will also be responsible for providing for a qualified and suitable substitute should they need to be absent.


The music selected by the conductor/teacher may be printed either by the conductor/teacher or by someone appointed by the secretary, and such person will be reimbursed for any costs incurred. Depending on the current budget, either RPW or the individual members will be responsible for covering the costs for the music.


Tuition needs to be paid to the treasurer at the beginning of the semester, no later than the third session attended. Tuition may be paid either in cash or by check made out to Recorder Players West.

Tuition will be determined by the Board and announced before the end of the previous semester and will be based on the appropriate salary(s) for the conductor/teachers, the rental of the venue, the estimated number of students, the number of sessions, and other RPW expenses, including the final concert.

Individuals interested in joining may attend two sessions as guests of RPW before they will be expected to pay tuition (or ask for scholarships) and join.

Students entering the classes more than five weeks after the semester starts may receive prorated fees.

Students taking more than one class will pay 50% of the class fee for the second class taken.

Class Schedules

Each class level, schedule, hours and times will be determined by the Board during the previous semester and announced before the semester end. It may follow the general public school schedules and not meet during the summer, subject to the interest of the general membership.

The established levels are Intermediate and Advanced. Other classes, including Beginner and Evening, could be established by the Board if there is adequate interest, funding and availability of teacher and venues.

Each class will meet once a week (except for holiday periods) for two hours, with the exception of a Beginner’s group that may meet for one hour during the same class period as the Intermediate Group.

A printed schedule will be distributed to all members at the beginning of each semester.


Class concerts will be held at the end of each semester, unless determined otherwise.

Outside concerts may be performed, at the discretion of the board, with the approval of the majority of the paid members of RPW. Prior approval by the board must be obtained before the costs for such concerts can be funded by RPW.


RPW will maintain a Scholarship Fund separate from the general tuition funds. It will be supported by memorial and other donations and contributions and, with the approval of the Board, by transfer of funds from the general fund. It will be maintained and administered by the treasurer. Donations and memorials will be accepted by the treasurer and acknowledged by the secretary and also, with the permission of the donor, in our concert programs.

With the goal of making membership in our classes available to everyone who is interested, scholarships of half tuition will be provided, as needed, if there are adequate funds in the treasury to support them, although all students will be responsible for the charges for the music. To receive a scholarship the individual must be approved by two board members. Requests will be kept confidential.

Rental Instruments

RPW will maintain a collection of instruments available to members for rental for a nominal fee to cover the cost of maintaining the instruments.

Voting, Quorums and the Ratification of By Laws

The Board shall present any significant change or changes to the policies, activities and expenditures of RPW at a general meeting open to all paid members that is announced at least one week prior to such meeting. Paid members absent from the class when the meeting is announced will be notified by either snail or email.

A quorum to conduct business shall consist of fifty percent of the paid membership as of the date of the meeting. A vote of at least fifty percent plus one of the paid members present at the meeting will be required before such changes can go into effect. Such votes can be either by hand or written, at the discretion of the presiding leader of the meeting.

These by-laws will become effective when ratified by a two-thirds vote of the members in good standing of Recorder Players West. Amendments to the by-laws will also require a two-thirds vote by members in good standing at a regularly scheduled meeting or class.